Custom Screen Print Orders Policy

Please carefully review the following guidelines to request a quote and initiate the design process. Submission details located below. 

At Patriot's Choice Ink, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to create custom screen print designs that reflect your unique style and vision. To ensure a seamless and efficient process, please familiarize yourself with our custom screen print orders policy:

Minimum Order Requirement

For custom screen print orders, there is a minimum order requirement of 15 pieces of apparel per design. This ensures that we can maintain the highest quality standards and provide you with the best value for your custom screen printing needs.


Contact Us: To get started with your custom screen print order, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team. You can contact us via email, and we will be happy to assist you in the design and ordering process.             

 Email us at 

  • Design Collaboration: Our experienced design team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We will discuss your ideas, artwork, color choices, and any specific details you wish to incorporate into your design.
  • Design Fee: A design fee of $35 may apply, depending on the complexity of your design. This fee covers the time and expertise required to create a unique and tailored design. However, please note that this fee will be fully credited if you order more than 20 items with the screen print design.  
  • Cost for Lower Quantities: If you require a custom screen print order with fewer than 15 pieces per design, please contact us directly for pricing information. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and provide you with a customized quote.
  • Mock-Up Approval: Once the design is complete, we will provide you with a mock-up of the final product. It is essential to carefully review and approve the mock-up design to ensure it meets your expectations before production begins.
  • Pricing Details: The cost per shirt will be determined based on the number of colors, complexity of the design, and the chosen apparel. This detailed pricing information will be provided along with the mock-up approval for your review.  Our pricing details are transparent, and you'll find that our rates are very competitive, ensuring you get exceptional value for your custom screen printing needs.

     1. **Contact Information**: Provide your full name, phone number, and a valid email address where we can reach you.

    2. **Design Details**:
    Clearly describe your design concept, including any specific artwork, graphics, text, or images you want to include. Mention the colors you have in mind and any preferred design placements on the apparel. 

    3. **Apparel Selection**:
    Specify the type of apparel you're interested in (e.g., t-shirts, hoodies, caps) and provide details such as sizes, quantities, and preferred colors if applicable. This can be adjusted once the design has been approved.

    4. **Design Requirements**:
    Mention any specific design requirements or preferences, including size, orientation, and any additional design elements.

    5. **Deadline**:
    Indicate if you have a specific deadline for your project. Knowing your timeline will help us better meet your needs.

    6. **Budget**:
    If you have a budget in mind, share it with us. This will assist us in proposing options that align with your financial expectations.

    7. **Additional Notes**:
    Include any additional information or special requests that you believe are important for us to know.

    By providing these details in your email, you'll help us understand your vision and requirements, enabling us to respond promptly and accurately with a customized quote and design plan.

    Submit Email to: 

    We are here to assist you throughout the custom screen print order process. If you have any questions, require pricing for smaller quantities, or need further guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

    Thank you for choosing Patriot's Choice Ink for your custom screen print needs. We look forward to collaborating with you to create exceptional, personalized apparel that reflects your unique style and message.


    Policy Disclaimer 

    Please note that we reserve the right to deny any request that includes vulgarity or designs we find inappropriate. Our commitment is to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment for all of our valued customers.